I have been binge watching  Planet Earth II series and it is quite great work by series makers. The voice of Sir David Attenborough, along with the main theme track by Hans Zimmer brings fresh views into the wildlife on earth in various settings. I was pushed into watching the entire series after this thrilling chase scene became viral on the internet From Planet Earth II, a baby iguana is chased by snakes.

The whole series has been a revelation to me and I was puzzled to see how did they manage to shoot that! It is great that they have included behind the scenes and the struggles that crew goes through to provide stunning visual delights for all of us to enjoy.The technology advancement used in the series has managed to capture wildlife and nature in great details and produced some great scenes like the baby iguana chase.

I was surprised to learn even more about my own country’s cities like Jaipur, Udaipur and Mumbai and how wildlife has changed and adopted the new ways of life!

Great series to watch and stunning work by the series makers!